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I don't support the unrealistic standards of beauty thrown at us by the insatiable Beauty Industry. I want every women to feel great in their own healthy skin and own their own happiness.


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I discovered the potent power of plants oils when my children very young. I moved back to the UK from New York with my husband and my children in 2016, they were not yet 1 and not yet 3. It was a massive adjustment because when I’d left the UK for Australia 11 years previously, it was just me, a journalist, on a mission to conquer the world. I returned as a family. Any mum will know that having two kids age 2 and under is a challenge at the best of times, but with the added ingredients of moving country and solo parenting while my musician husband was on the road, it was particularly demanding. I became interested in natural products and I started using essential oils in the diffuser, which helped create a calmer environment. I learned more about their therapeutic qualities; lavender for alleviating stress, woody scents for grounding, citrus smells for energising - it was a massive support for me, and the children loved them too. I began using these 100% organic, therapeutic grade plant oils on our skin and removing other products from the home. Knowing exactly what I was putting on our skin made a huge difference, there were no hidden ingredients, nothing toxic. I made it myself so I trusted it completely.

Being in my early 40s, I wanted to up my skincare regime, my skin needed greater hydration. After some guidance from my dear friend, skincare guru Jen Goodall of Clary Collection an all-natural organic company in Nashville, I created my own face oil. Delphio Facial Oil is light, easily absorbed, deeply hydrating and nourishing. It's packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants from the nine100% organic plant oils in this unique blend. We all live busy lives so taking a moment of self-care that uplifts your spirits and calms your senses is so important. As well as giving skin a healthy boost, this facial oil has emotional, grounding benefits too. 

I gave it to friends for a couple of years until one Beauty Editor pal said she loved it so much, she thought I should sell it. The seed had been sown and a fire in my belly grew - I launched Delphio on16th November 2020.

At the same time, I'd created a body oil using almond oil and a combination of organic essential oils, which I've used myself and on my children for a few years. A game-changing product, it's helped our skin in countless ways from eliminating dryness to rashes and other mild skin complaints. In March 2022, I launched Delphio Bath & Body Oil, a sublime blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Vetiver Essential Oils and Almond Oil. I'm so excited about this product and how moisturising, uplifting and blissful it is to use.

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I’m of mixed heritage, my father is Welsh and my mother is Indian. My mum, Ranjeet, grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and her mother, my Muma, would vigorously rub all manner of herb-infused oily concoctions to soothe all their ailments. When I discovered plant and essential oils and introduced them to my mother, she said she was immediately transported back to her childhood. Something deeply connected me to these potent plant-based oils, it feels very much part of my Indian roots and my Muma using natural oils and remedies.

Community is everything and I want you to feel very much part of the Delphio Community. It's a space for women to feel seen, heard and celebrated. You'll find me on Instagram @delphiofacialoil, where I'm very active each week, please join me! And every two weeks I send out The Boost newsletter, full of uplifting practices, people, books and skincare. You can sign up below. I believe that, as we get older and grow in our wisdom, we have more to say and we come into our power. I don't support the unrealistic standards of beauty thrown at us by the insatiable beast that is the Beauty Industry. I want every women to feel great in their own healthy skin and own their own happiness. I have always been something of a risk-taker, I've moved countries three times, and carved out a different path in my career and life with plenty of highs and lows. I love to share the wisdom I've gained along the way, and I want to hear your stories too!

When I started Delphio, thinking of the planet and our future was paramount to me. It's reflected in Delphio's environmentally-conscious packaging and I donate 3% of each sale to Ocean Generation. We are an oceanic planet and we all want a safe future for our children - taking care of the environment is crucial in that. 


Special thanks to my husband, Darren, and my Mum for her continued support and business acumen. Mum ran her own business for 20 years, named Kiron Soft Furnishings which used my middle name. I feel I’m channeling my Muma too with this and that couldn't make me happier. Finally, following in the family tradition of naming our businesses after our children, a big thank you to Delphine and Theo, whose names I combined to create 'Delphio'.


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