Stepping into a Gentle January

Happy New Year.

I don't know about you, but the first week of the year has me feeling like I could do with another few weeks before January actually starts. The kids were very reluctant to return to school, and I didn't blame them. I feel like we all so enjoyed the warm cocoon of family time over the break that I completely understood the butterflies in the tummy and the not wanting to go. I'm going through my own version of that when it comes to 2022. While I'm happy to see the back of 2021, I'm not striding into 2022 armed with new year resolutions and gung-ho goals. I'm feeling introspective and contemplative, which feels like the perfect way to prepare for the year ahead. Dipping a toe in, rather than jumping in feet first.

I'm doing Gentle January.

It turns out the kids are settling back just fine and I know that's how I'll be feeling about the new year soon enough but, for now, I'm taking mindful, tentative steps. It's what feels kindest to me right now. So, while work of course needs to be done, I'm carving out time for myself too right now. Unfortunately I started the new year with a cold (not Covid) so that made me slow down and listen to what my body needed. And my mind too. It's funny how, even as someone who fully knows all the benefits and advocates daily practices, I can still let them slip further down the priority list when life gets busy. That's what happened towards the end of last year, so I'm prioritising journaling again and putting more time and thought into my mediation practice.

To give it some structure, I've started the year with Gabby Bernstein's 21-Day Manifestation Challenge. Calling it a challenge makes it sound far more intense than it is, Gabby has such a supportive, gentle way in how she encourages you. The daily steps are bitesize and simple to do. I'm 2 or 3 days behind and I'm ok with that. An even gentler way to absorb her advice and wisdom is to check out her podcast: "Dear Gabby".

Gabby Bernstein's The Universe Has Your Back, one of my favourite books.

The easiest way for me to prioritise self-care is through my natural skincare routine. My favourite step is the Delphio Facial Oil massage I give myself twice a day. Even if I don't have a lot of time, knowing I'm putting pure, nourishing plant oils on my skin never fails to make me feel good, and breathing the scent in deeply with its aromatherapeutic qualities can literally turn my mood around.

This month is all about regrouping and recouping the spent energy of 2021. And by slowly and gently refocusing on the practices that support me, I know the energy needed to tackle this year as it ramps up will come. The gym can start next week.

Much love, Sara xx

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